Proov Podcast: Roya Pakzad of Feminade

Amy Beckley:

Hello everybody, here is another installment of the Proov Podcast. I am so excited that I'm here with Roya [Pakzad]. She founded a company called Feminade, a hormone health company. I'm going to let her introduce herself, but I'm really excited about this.

I wore this special t-shirt. If you can see it, it says “Industry Disruptor,” because I honestly think measuring hormones [and] empowering women with the information we're going to talk about is so powerful. I did this myself, so I'm going to talk about our experience, but first Roya, please tell me what Feminade is and why you founded this company.

Roya Pakzad:

First of all, thank you so much, Amy, for having me, you already know what a big fan I am of you and Proov. I'm so ecstatic to be on this podcast.

Hi everyone. My name is Roya. I am the founder of Feminade. Feminade is the first online concierge for women's hormone and reproductive health. Based on alternative medicine, we help women get to the root cause of their hormonal imbalance symptoms. So we're talking everything from infertility, irregularities in your cycle, cystic acne, hormonal hair loss, PCOS, endometriosis, and so forth. We help women get to the root cause of those symptoms through advanced at-home testing, tele-health, evidence-based holistic treatments and education.

Really quickly, I want to touch on the problem that we're facing currently in the current healthcare system, there are 80 to 90% of women in their reproductive ages, between 15 and 49 that are dealing with some sort of hormonal imbalance symptoms. That's 60 million women in America. And 1.4 billion women around the world.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine has failed women when it comes to hormonal imbalance symptoms, we've heard stories and studies published for years that conventional medicine dismisses women's symptoms as emotional or normal. A lot of times women are sent home saying your painful period and your heavy period is normal. It's just part of being a woman.

It is absolutely not normal, or they provide them with band aid solutions like the birth control pill, which if you ask every woman how they feel while they've been on the pill, you will see they'll say things like they're depressed, they're lethargic. And once they come off the pill, their hormonal imbalance symptoms get even worse. So the birth control pill is obviously not the route cost solution, also inefficient and insufficient testing.

So the blood test is not the right proper test when it comes to women's hormones. This is why often when the test results come back and the woman is in the gynecology office, the gynecologist tells them, “Oh, your test results came back and it was normal.” And the woman is frustrated sitting in the doctor's office saying that their symptoms are not normal. “I don't feel normal. Why are my test results saying that I'm normal?”

We've seen this happen. It happened to me. It happened to millions of women around the world. So I started Feminade as a frustrated woman in the current healthcare system and realized that there are millions of other women who are dealing with the same problems as I am.

Now, the proper solution is holistic medicine, right? It's the root cause of finding naturopathic doctors, holistic doctors, functional medicine doctors, which there are plenty of amazing, incredible doctors in this country. The problem is they're very expensive and they're inaccessible. Insurance, currently, doesn't cover holistic medicine which hopefully is something that needs to be changed in this country. So a four to six month treatment will end up costing women $2,500 to $3,000 out of pocket.

At Feminade we don't believe holistic medicine is luxury. It shouldn't be a luxury. It should be every woman's basic right. Women should very easily have access to the root cause, have access to the information and education and be able to get to the root cause easily.

That is exactly why I created Feminade with our business model, which is a subscription-based and membership model. We're able to save women 80% on the upfront cost and overall cost specifically when it comes to the cost of labs, testing and the consultation. Those are where the heavy costs come in and we're able to save money. We're also able to save money when it comes to their treatment plans, their supplements, we've embedded special discounts and offers.

By the way, these supplements that we've partnered with and they're offering they're all medical grade. A lot of them have gone through clinical trials and a lot of them are prescribed only by a doctor. You cannot purchase these supplements off the shelf, that's a whole other game. The supplement industry is very highly unregulated. There are a lot of supplements out there that promise the world, but really they're just filled with dust. So it's very important for women to know where you're getting your supplements. Why are you even taking this supplement?

That's why the way we've designed a protocol test, you first want to test, let's test first and not guess what's going on in your body. Let's test, find out what's going on in your hormones and then from there, put you in touch with a doctor and licensed naturopathic doctor, that'll go over your test results, go over your symptoms and your health history, and then provide you with a personalized treatment plan. All of this is done easily in the comfort of your pajamas. You can do this online.

And then one more thing I wanted to say with regards to the tests that we're offering. First of all, if you were to get this test offline or other than a Feminade, it would cost you $500. It retails for $500, and then you would have to get it through a doctor's order. So in order to have access to this test, you have to speak to a doctor, a naturopathic doctor, and you have to get it ordered. But with Feminade, it's directly on our website with a click of a button or to the test. It's literally the easiest way. And I know Amy, you went through our protocol, you signed up recently for Feminade. I would love to hear your experience. And if you have any other questions.


Everything you say is just speaking our language. So to backtrack a little bit, Proov was founded for the same reason; we were told everything's fine, there's nothing wrong with you. So, for anybody new who's listening, I invented Proov because I was dealing with infertility and all the blood tests said that I was ovulating, but I was unable to have a successful pregnancy. And I later found out that what I had is an insufficient ovulation or a luteal phase defect or problem with ovulation.

Basically what we do is we measure urine metabolites of progesterone in the urine and not the blood progesterone. And that gave me better insights about my cycle and the quality of ovulation. So,   what you're saying with blood doesn't always have the right answer is a hundred percent true. There are certain things you want to measure in the blood, and there's certain things you want to measure in the urine.

Progesterone is what we preach, blood only gives you a snapshot. If you really want to understand what's going on in your body, you've got to check your urine. That is the better marker for this particular hormone.

So, I invented Proov because I've never had great ovulations, it caused me infertility, I'm 40. I thought I was going through perimenopause. I've always had this hormone issue and I've never really known why. I can quote unquote, put the bandaid on it, so to speak and just give myself bioidentical progesterone and kind of treat the symptoms. But I really want to understand what was going on.

Our menstrual cycle was our fifth vital sign and when something's messed up, there is something in your body that is not working. Something's not communicating. And I had no idea, all I knew it was something was wrong. So I'm scrolling through Instagram and I come across Feminade I'm like, “Wow, this is really cool. I'm going to reach out.”

A similar type of platform that I think people will be familiar with is the Dutch test, which is a dried urine test. And it goes through and it tests all these different hormones, the major systems that Feminade checks are adrenal health, thyroid health, reproductive health, and organic acids. Corticoids, estrogen, progesterone. So much stuff.

The way that the test works is you have to take it on a certain part of your cycle because that's when your progesterone has a certain level and your estrogen is at a certain level, and then they can properly assess all the hormones and what's going on in your body.

So what I did was I used a Proov Predict and Confirm kit. I checked my LH. Okay, great. I surged and I counted the seven days, then I took my first PdG test. It was positive. I'm like, great. I'm on the proper day to take this test. Because  , for me, it's a $300 test and it provides so much useful information, but that $300 price point is kind of scary because you're like, “Oh my gosh, what if I checked on the wrong day? Or I'm not doing it the right way,” or whatever the situation is, I wanted to make a hundred percent sure I was getting the right sample for you so you guys have the right knowledge. So I mean, I don't know how many hormones it measures? I don't know the exact number.


I don't know the numbers because under each umbrella of hormones, there's a lot. But the main hormones that it measures are estrogens, progesterones, corticoids, glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids, androgens, and thyroid — which is what I love about our test. The other dried urine tests on the market do not measure for thyroid. And it measures for T3 and T4. So not all of the thyroids, but it's the main thyroid hormones, which I love. And then some organic acids and specialty hormones.

Really quickly, I left this out of my intro, our hormone testing method, like you've been saying in the past few minutes, we’re measuring via the dried urine testing method. And why is urine better than blood and saliva? It's because not only does urine testing show women's hormone levels, it shows women how they're metabolizing. So hormone metabolites, which is key to understanding how women are, for example, if they're estrogen dominant, that means they're not metabolizing estrogen properly.

So why is that? It really shows a 360 picture to doctors. This is why doctors are able to give better nuanced treatment plans that are effective because they know exactly what's going on with a woman's body. And so that is the reason why I like our dried urine test, even compared to the Dutch test, which is great. I'm a huge fan.


The comparable test is about a $500 price point.


Yes. I actually want to compare why I am a huge fan of our dried urine testing compared to others, including Dutch. First off is the pricing. It's way more, currently, if you go to our website, you'll get the test and a 60-minute consultation for $300.


We'll talk about that later, but that is a hundred percent because of your success in that consultation. 


The consultation is priceless. You can't put a price on the consultation. And Amy, I would love for you to tell either the consultation myself, I was Feminade's second customer. We had one customer come in, she DMs us before we even launched, it said, I want this test. I was like, okay. So I signed her up.

And then I was the second customer at Feminade. The amount of information I got during the 60-minute consultation is priceless. It's so empowering. Now I'm so cautious of what I eat. First thing in the morning, what am I incorporating in my diet? What supplements am I taking, my sleep, lifestyle, everything. I've already seen improvements.

I suffered from severe hair loss, obviously being a startup founder, having chronic stress. It took a toll on my hair, also trouble losing weight. It turned out that my T3, T4 were really low. I was very low in thyroid hormones and other hormonal imbalances, but my thyroid hormones were the more significant ones. So I'm currently taking my thyroid supplements and other supplements and I'm well in the middle of my treatment plan and I absolutely love it. And I want every single woman out there to have access to this.

So really quickly want to go back to why I like the dried hormone test compared to the other ones on the market. First of all, ease of collection, I've heard, for example, the Dutch test and the other dry hormones are even way more complicated than the Feminade hormone testing. You just spend 12 hours, collecting four times during the day. And you just have to make sure you're well hydrated, there are very minimal diet restrictions. So you want to make sure you're avoiding too much coffee or alcohol. You're avoiding vitamin C on the day that you're collecting. So things like that.

And then you want to be properly well-hydrated during collection. So you collect four times a day, first time in the morning, and then mid morning, afternoon and then, in the evening, you let your four pieces of paper dry. Once they're dried, you put them in a Ziploc bag that we've already included in the kit, and we've already also included a prepaid return shipping label for you. So you just put it in the box and put it in the mail and after 10 to 14 days, your test results will come in.

We'll notify you and let   too, it's time for you to schedule your 60-minute consultation with a doctor. It is the most beautiful, seamless way. This is just our flagship product. We have so many other exciting things in the works and speaking of Proov and Feminade, one thing I wanted to say. And what I love about Proov is that it really shows women when they're ovulating.

And please correct me if I'm wrong, Amy, not only when they're ovulating, but the quality of their ovulation, you just brought up something, you said all the blood tests would show was showing you that you're ovulating, but you were still having problems getting pregnant. So it's not just about ovulating, it's the quality of ovulation, right? Am I correct? 


That's correct. 


And that's what Proov will show. So one thing, why is the Proov test a great compliment to Feminade tests? Because if you have a regular cycle, no problem, you can collect your sample, your Feminade urine samples on the 19th, 20th, or 21st day of your cycle. And the first day you get your period is the first day of your cycle.

However, if you have a regularly heavy, prolonged period, you would have to take an ovulation test and count five to seven days after the day you ovulated. And I can’t suggest a better at home observation testing kit then Proov, I want to pass it on to you, Amy, to explain to the audience that are listening. Why is the Proov test better than the ones that are off the shelf or any other ovulation testing?


So, typical ovulation tests just measure LH, which predicts your ovulation date and Predict and Confirm kits have the LH tests in them and also the PdG test. So PdG is the progesterone metabolite test. And that actually confirms that you did, in fact, ovulate.

And so when I used the Feminade kit, I did the LH test first. I actually peaked that cycle on day 10 of my cycle. And then I used a Proov PdG test on day 17 of my cycle. And it was positive, which means I did actually ovulate and I am in my luteal phase. I'm ready to do that collection. So a lot of times when people have false irregular cycles or hormone imbalances, they're not actually ovulating, right?




So if you just stop at the LH part, you could think you're in your luteal phase. And then you take this awesome piece of information, this hormone test, and it happens to be on the wrong part of your cycle, and you're not getting the information that you need to move forward.

And so I'm going to write a blog about my whole experience, but I did the Proov test. I got my positive PdG tests. I collected my urine. I sent it in, it was a super easy process. And then two days later I got my period, which is not normal. That's a luteal phase defect, that's an insufficient level of progesterone.

So I was great on that one day. And if I had taken a blood test or whatever would have shown, okay, awesome. But the cool thing about Proov is we look at this whole window, just like you guys, you look at the whole day of hormones to see how you're metabolizing things. You have four samples throughout the day. We test on days 7, 8, 9, and 10 past peak fertility because those are the days that PdG levels have to be high to have a really healthy menstrual cycle.

So the fact that I was getting two positives and then two negatives told me my cycle was not healthy and something was wrong, which is why I was like, I got to do this Feminine thing. I got to figure out what's going on with my cycle.


I absolutely love it. And one thing I wanted to tell our audience is that if you're not ovulating at all and you don't have a period at all, you can collect or for women who are menopausal, you can collect. So for women who are menopausal, you can collect your test any day of the month. For women who are not menopausal, but are not having a period, you can also collect any day of the month. However, there needs to be further testing.

So I just wanna let you know that. If you're not having a period at all, you have no period, and you're not ovulating, you can take this test (and you're not menopausal). You take the test any day, you'll go over and the doctor will tell you at the consultation. She will probably need further testing from you and further information. So what's beautiful about Feminade is that once you're on that consultation, we're not just super focused.

Only on this test, the doctor will ask you, do you have any other tests outside of Feminade? Did you recently do some blood work? Did you do another test? So we gather all that data and information and the doctor will tell you what's going on.

So it's not like the doctor is only focused on your Feminade tests and is only going to talk about your Feminade tests. No, the doctor cares about what else is going on. Like, what other tests did you do? We will probably, the doctor will [probably] prescribe you to take more tests with your primary care doctor. So it's like we are working in complement with your primary care doctor and your other doctors in your health care and it's, and it's really exciting.


This is important, right? So, I'm a scientist. I have a PhD in Pharmacology. I've been studying hormone signaling for like the last 15 years. I consider myself an expert on progesterone, mainly reproductive hormones. Progesterone is queen. Right? 

I sent in my stuff, I got this report back is five pages. I'm like scanning through it right now. It's five pages. It's all the three different types of estrogen, the different phase one metabolites, the phase two metabolites of estrogen. So there's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight different ways you can measure estrogen. Then there's all these ratios and these dials and all these things, and these ranges of what's low, what's kind of low. What's good. There's obviously the progesterone where there’s the PDG measurement in there.

Other hormones, androgens, like the AGA aldosterone, testosterone, DHT, like all kinds of stuff. Glucocorticoids, this is your stress response. Cortisone (cortisol), so much stuff that I haven't even heard of some of these things before. And I consider myself an expert, right?

There's four pages of just mineralocorticoids, which is another thing that your adrenal glands pump out. So T3 and T4. So talk about thyroid function, not just TSH. TSH is like the signal that goes to your thyroid, tells the thyroid to do T3 and T4, actually the functional units of what the thyroid's actually doing.

Different part of this is, there's just, there's so much information. The cortisol response, it tells you, like, you're supposed to go up and then come back down, like it's got these great graphs and all this stuff. It's like a five page, just huge, just knowledge bomb. And I'm going to tell you as a scientist, it was overwhelming. And I'm like, “What?” I'm pretty cool with hormones. But even this was like just over my head.


How about Dr. Erin, our doc?


Oh my God. She was incredible! She likes to make you understand it. So we talked about this $300, right? The $300 is not only the testing, but it's the analysis as well. And the doctor's time, I literally had an hour with a doctor for 300 bucks and the hormones. I had an hour and she's going through line by line telling me exactly what the speech is. Like, “This is what this is, is what it does. This is what your level shows.”

And it was just dating all the way down. And she was like, “All right, this is what this means. Do you have any questions?” And I was like that level of in-depth analysis of hormones. I mean, it's life changing, honestly.


Truly is. I'm actually shocked. We haven't had a platform. We haven't had this access, easy access to this information and data before, but it doesn't matter. We're creating it now. And it's a really exciting time for women's health. I am super excited for companies like yours, Amy, that are giving women accurate information about ovulation. 

By the way, the more I learn about ovulation, my God, how come we don't teach about ovulation to women earlier? It's not just important for baby-making, ovulation is how we make progesterone! Like you said, it's the queen of hormones. It's the most important! Progesterone is important for our immune health, for our bone health, for so many other things. And it is the main event in our cycle.

Regardless of if you want to have babies, a lot of people think like, “Oh, I'm going to take the pill because I don't want to have babies.” But guess what? The pill is shutting down your ovulation, the most important event in your cycle, it's messing up your health in the long-term.

So, no one talks about this enough — ovulation is so important. You want to make sure you're ovulating every month, whether you don't ever want to have kids find good for you. That's your choice. Whether you want to have kids or not, you have to make sure you're ovulating every month and you want to make sure your OB it's a good high quality ovulation. 


We say, ovulation is not “yes or no.” It’s “good or bad” quality ovulation. It’s about the quality test, like Proov and Feminade are changing the game here. 


See this — I love that idea of “disruptor.” It just reminded me, I recently joined Clubhouse, the new social app. And I created a club there called Fem-Tech Disruptors. And we're doing these weekly talks there where we're going to be talking about innovations happening in women's health. And if you're not on it, I can send you an invite. I have an invite right now. I'm definitely going to send it to you.

Everyone is eventually going to get on Clubhouse, but right now they're invite only or whatever. But conversations that are happening on Clubhouse are so exciting. And I can't wait for you and I to host some talks. And I'm so glad that we did this podcast.

So, maybe we should… We only have like six or seven minutes. I mean, tell us what's in the future for Proov? Like what's some exciting things you have coming up?


So I want to backtrack a little bit on this quality of ovulation thing, right? So, this is something that we're teaching that nobody really had access to. And that should be step one. So we're actually going to partner with YO Sperm tests and the big like aha moment is, if you're trying to conceive, there's basically three things you need: an egg, sperm, and for them to meet. Right?

And so the meeting part is those ovulation tests. Those are a dime a dozen and you can get those anywhere. The sperm is obviously their sperm tests. And then the egg is actually Proov, right? It's, are you actually ovulating? I don't care if you're timing intercourse, but if you don't have this healthy ovulation, then that's one of the three components that you need for conception.

And so, something that we're overlooking is assessing ovulation quality. And so that's one of the three most important things you should do are these three things. And then it's like, okay, well, what if one of them's broken? Well, the easiest one is you're not timing intercourse. All right, cool. Need to time intercourse? Take ovulation tests.

And then there's the sperm side, which we don't do, but it's the female side that we do. It's like, okay, if that's broken, if I don't have a good quality ovulation, how do we move people forward? How do we get them the resources that they need? One of those is in a partnership with Feminade. If something's broken, we told you it was broken. Now we're going to pass you off to the experts that can tell you how to fix it.

And so that's kind of our mission for 2021: when you are broken, what can we do as a company to provide resources? And we partnered with a virtual fertility clinic so that if you have negative Proov results and you were trying to get pregnant, the reproductive endocrinologist can read your results and treat you virtually. So it's like, we're trying to do things that help support you.

What's next? So I wanna touch on my report. My jaw literally hit the ground when I saw this report. I'm going to publish it because I'm not shy.


What do you mean by that? When you say your jaw hit the ground, like which hormone were you're like, “Whoa, I'm off on this one.”


I would share screen with you, but I don't know how that's going to work for podcast stuff, but like literally all of them. I'm going to share a screen. I don't know if they're going to get mad at me, but like, it is insane. Like, here's my report. All of them are just in the toilet. Like all the levels are so low.


Yeah. I saw — hold on here. Androgens. Oh yeah. Your glucocorticoids and androgens.


Yeah. They're all super, super low. I mean, look at this cortisol response, this is unreal. It’s like next to nothing! I immediately was like, “Oh, this is wrong. Like, maybe I left it drying out too long and there was just no hormones in the urine. So I just got bad samples.” But that's not true because I had progesterone well, I mean, it was low-ish, but I had it. And my hydration was good. So my creatinine was perfect.


Great. So, Amy, what kind of symptoms can you correlate to like your really low cortisol or low androgens? What kind of symptoms are you experiencing or were you experiencing prior to taking this test? Your glucocorticoids, your cortisols are really low.


Well, everything's low. So what do I have? I have testosterone support. I have adrenal support. I have DHA support. I got a B6. I got it all, man.


When did you start taking the supplement? 


About a week ago I would say. 


Yeah. So what we do by the way for our follow up for protocol is our doctor, Dr. Erin Biller — who's our incredible Chief Medical Officer — wants to see our patients or our customers two months after their first [consultation]. So you recently did your consultation and so we're going to send you a follow-up in two months. Our doctor wants to talk to you.

So that's another beautiful thing about Feminade. You don't just take this test and we're like, goodbye. Nice to see you. We're going to follow up with you. We want to see if our protocol, if it's working and if it's not every once in a blue moon, if we have a case where we're not saying we're gonna make some adjustments in your treatment plan and we're gonna probably do further testing.

So this is a we're in this for the long haul. That's why we have a membership plan. And it makes so much sense because we want women to come back. If you have any questions in the meantime, come back to us. So yeah I'm, I'm really, really looking forward to your follow-up and I would love for us to actually do a follow-up maybe with this podcast, I want to see if you're really seeing improvements with the treatment plan and how effective it is.


Yeah. I mean, I shared these results with the team because we're always talking about what we can do to help women that are using Proov and who can we partner with, what kind of resources we provide. And I showed them this report and everyone's like, “Oh my God, I want one of those. Can we have one of those?”


I will be more than happy to offer. Like I told you, we're going to offer a special discount for Proov customers. One more thing. I wanted to make sure your audience knows, yes, we have a membership program, but we also are offering one-off 30-minute consultations. This is a great service actually for customers who just did the Proov test and they found out they're not ovulating and they just want a 30-minute consultation.

Maybe they don't want to take the Feminade hormone tests, they just want to talk to a doctor and see why they are not ovulating properly. So we are offering this 30-minute consultation. It's going to be with a holistic naturopathic doctor. It's all alternative medicine.

Also for any woman out there, let's say, if they recently did the Dutch test, right? They did another dried urine test. They don't want to spend another few hundred dollars to take ours. That's fine. And they need a doctor to read and review their Dutch test results. They can come to Feminade if they need a second opinion or even a first opinion, or they just want some nutritional advice.

Let's say they're trying to get pregnant and they want to make sure their nutrition is proper to ensure a successful pregnancy. They want to talk to a naturopathic or a nutritionist at Feminade. They can come schedule their 30-minute consultation. So we do offer those one-off consultations as well, which is huge.


Yeah. I mean, the conversation I had with Dr. Erin when she was just explaining this all, she explained it to me, like I'm burning a candle at both ends constantly. She's like, “Can you reduce some stress in your life?” I'm like, well, I can't really get rid of my family. And I can't really get rid of my company. And it wasn't like, okay, that's the only solution.

It was like, no. Okay. Well, we understand that and we have to create a solution for you. So she made suggestions about nighttime routines, meditation and breathing exercises, and certain foods to eat and certain foods not to eat, and supplements because I was so far out of balance. But it's basically like I've been under so much stress and I do so much that my body basically just shutting down is how it was explained to me.


At the center of all of this is really stress. I had noticed Dr. Miller also prescribed a lot of stress management supplements for me and I asked her, I was like, “Wait how come? Can I have something for my hair? Can I have something for this?” She goes, “Roya, the reason why your hair is falling out or whatever it is because of stress.”

So it all comes down to stress and by the way, with stress management, and it's not just about what you're eating, it's so important to do the meditation, yoga, whatever, walking, journaling, just isolating, shutting off your phone an hour before bed, not looking at your phone first hour of the morning, which is the biggest struggle for me right now. Because the first thing I grab in the morning is my phone. And it's so bad for you. I know it's so bad. 


You gotta know what happened overnight!


Exactly, what happened while I was sleeping??


It's actually what gets me out of bed. It's like, “Ooh, I wonder if it something exciting happened last night!”


Those notifications I see on my screen just, it's like, a high. So bad. But anyways, managing your stress. Anyone who's listening to this stress, stress, stress! And hydration, hydration, hydration, hydration.

And really one thing again, unpopular thought: caffeine. Okay. I actually heard that for people who have chronic stress — mostly founders and entrepreneurs who are running companies or moms who are constantly under stress flight or fight mode — caffeine is not your friend. And I know we'd all love that cup of coffee in the morning.

One cup won’t kill you, but like, let's try to limit that. I recently cut out caffeine and I never thought I could do this. Right now.I replace it with a matcha latte or a chai latte. And I absolutely love it.


I got my tea!


Yeah. Teas are great and making chai lattes tea lattes instead of caffeine and alcohol, obviously in moderation, very, very moderation. So yeah, a lot of drinking water and managing your stress. I think those are just the no-brainers.


Like I said, it was a really awesome eye-opening experience and we should schedule another one for a couple months or so. We'll kind of check in with the progress and see how it's going. Cause I'm taking quite a few of these things. I don't want to show people what I'm taking, because this is personalized to my hormones.


Yes, everyone is going to get their own personalized hormones. Every, obviously every woman is different. Every treatment plan is going to be different and personalized for your needs. So yeah, if you want just go to and order your test kit and consultation right now.


Awesome. Yeah. And we have a partnership for Proov consumers. If you enter PROOV at checkout, then you get a free Proov Predict and Confirm kit, which is going to help you understand if you're ovulating properly and help you collect your sample on the correct day, because it's really important.


I actually threw another thing and this is something you probably don't know, but I told Audrey yesterday. I'm also throwing in 10% off.


Wow. That's amazing.


If they use the Proov code, PROOV, all caps, they're going to get 10% off the Hormone Balance bundle, which is a test kit and at 60-minute consultation, and they're going to get a free Proov Predict and Confirm Kit. I mean, that's literally worth $2,000, I think. Or $1,500. Yeah, it's your own. You're going to get it for $296 with the discount. It's going to come down to $296, less than $300. I'm telling you.

And we spent so much money on clothes and makeup and coffee. Speaking of coffee or tea every day on our latte, this is the best investment you can make in your health. 


Cool. Well, awesome. I am super excited for this partnership. Thank you for inventing this and putting this platform together. 


Thank you, Amy, thank you so much!


Thanks for coming out on this call. Roya asked me if there was anything that was broken or needed fixing. And I was like, there's one typo in the instructions, which is like mind-blowing with all the things that she put together. But it was, I mean, it was a great experience. I honestly can say that was, it was like two words together with no space. So it's like, if that's the only thing that's wrong, you did really, really well.


Tell me where it is. That means a lot coming from you, Amy, because you're very smart. You're a scientist. You really get it. And I appreciate that compliment coming from you means a lot. Thank you so much.


Awesome. Well, thank you very much. I'm going to put all the information in the comments and all that, the, the description, everything. So everyone has those links. So thank you very much.


Thank you very much, Amy, for, for this and looking forward to more conversations in the future and more partnerships.




Thank you. Thanks everyone for listening.

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