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About Proov

The Progesterone Ovulation Test

At Proov, we strive to empower women to know more about their reproductive health. Proov tests for progesterone, a hormone critical to ovulation and fertility.  Read more about our story below.

It was personal


When our fearless founder and CEO, Amy Beckley, had trouble conceiving for over three years, she did what many women do: saved up thousands of dollars and pursued in-vitro fertilization treatment. After being blessed with a son, Amy knew she wanted to grow her family–but she just wasn’t sure she could handle the physical and emotional challenge of another round of IVF. So she decided to take a step back. With a PhD in Pharmacology and expertise in hormone signaling, she started tracking her own hormone levels. In doing so, she discovered that she had low progesterone levels — which was causing her to lose pregnancy after pregnancy. Empowered by this knowledge, she went to her doctor and got a prescription for hormone supplements – $200 worth to be exact. With these supplements, she was able to conceive without the help of IVF and maintain a healthy pregnancy. After her daughter was born, she made it her mission to help others – founding MFB Fertility, Inc. and inventing the Proov test in her own basement to allow women to track progesterone in five minutes, at home.

Hear more from her

To learn more about Amy's infertility journey and the passion behind Proov, check out our video.