Hers and His Fertility Starter Kit

    proov hers & his fertility starter kit
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    It take two to tango!

    Get set up for success together. Check on your ovulation and his swimmers in this all-in-one kit perfect for partners — right from the comfort of home.

      Successful ovulation + healthy sperm = a better chance at pregnancy

      Proov Predict & Confirm tests LH to predict ovulation (so you know when to “try”) and PdG to check for successful ovulation (so you know if you’re conception-ready).
      The Yo Male Fertility Test checks his sperm quantity and quality, so you know he has enough sperm and that they can get to where they need to be — your egg!

      1:1 Support

      Proov-exclusive Ovulation Score

      99% Accurate


      Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

      proov p cup


      Take the test

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      Scan your result in the Proov Insight App

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      Get your unique hormone levels & personalized action plan

      proov customer support team proov customer support team
      Hormones don’t take a day off, and neither do we

      Talk to a real person,
      7 days a week

      Strength in numbers.

      Join our private community of thousands of women just like you.

      Connect with the community

      The information I have learned about my cycle is amazing and invaluable.
      - Emma R.

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