what is an LH surge
LH Test

What is an LH surge?

Ovulation tests measure LH levels to predict ovulation and help you accurately time intercourse. But what is an LH surge and why is it important?

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3 myths about timing intercourse
Trying to Conceive

3 Myths About Timing Intercourse

Timing intercourse around ovulation is a key piece of the pregnancy puzzle. Keep reading to learn 3 myths about timing intercourse so you can conce...

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egg donation 101

Egg Donation 101

Interested in egg donation? Keep reading to learn more about the egg donation process, what to expect, and how to set yourself up for success. 

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what is hormonal imbalance

What is hormonal imbalance?

Our hormones play many important roles in our lives and when we experience an imbalance, we may not feel out best. Learn more about hormonal imbala...

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“Hormone balance plays a huge role in fertility, and understanding what’s going on with your hormones doesn’t have to be such a mystery.

It’s actually way easier than most people realize.” 

— Amy Beckley, Proov Founder