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    Get the full ovulation picture – for real

    Most ovulation tests only tell you when to “try” and miss the other half of the picture. With Proov Predict & Confirm, you can find the best days to “try” and check for successful ovulation after it occurs, so you have the right information to get pregnant faster.
      The Perfect Ovulation Tracking Pair

      LH rises immediately before ovulation and helps you identify the best time to “try.” Elevated and sustained PdG levels after ovulation not only confirms that ovulation occurred, but also that ovulation was successful – meaning you have a higher chance at possible pregnancy.

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      1:1 Support

      Proov-exclusive Ovulation Score

      Numeric hormone values

      99% Accurate


      Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

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      Take the test

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      Scan your result in the Proov Insight App

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      Get your unique hormone levels & personalized action plan

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      The Proov Promise

      If you don’t get pregnant within 6 months, we’ll cover a virtual visit with a board certified OBGYN.
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