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Discuss your Proov Results with a Board-Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist

We’re proud to partner with Fertility Cloud to support the Proov community with direct access to medical consultations with board-certified reproductive endocrinologists (REs). 

  • In a 10-minute session, a board-certified RE will provide a thorough interpretation of your Proov test results and recommend next steps including a prescription for hormone supplementation, if medically appropriate.
  • In a 30-minute session, a board-certified RE will take a complete medical history for both partners, assess your Proov testing results, and recommend further testing and/or treatment, if medically appropriate.

*By clicking “buy now,” you will leave and will have an option to book an appointment directly through Fertility Cloud. These offerings include a medical consultation with a doctor only. Prices do not include cost of additional testing or medication.


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"I've used [Confirm] strips for 2 medicated cycles of letrozole under the guidance of my RE, and they worked great. The first cycle I did not ovulate, confirmed by LH and also by these strips, as well as with a progesterone assay from my doctor's office. My second cycle I ovulated nicely according to my LH levels and these strips showed sufficient progesterone 4 days later to prove it. My RE didn't feel the need for a progesterone assay.”

– Amazon Reviewer

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