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Proov Complete vs Modern Fertility At Home Tests: How to Choose the Best Fertility Test

Written by:, PhD, Founder and Inventor of the Proov test — the first and only FDA-cleared test to confirm successful ovulation at home.

Proov Complete vs Modern Fertility At Home Tests: How to Choose the Best Fertility Test

Whether you’re beginning your fertility journey or you’ve been on it for a while, you’ve probably heard about some of the fertility tests on the market. There are so many options, and you might be wondering how to choose one! If that’s you, then read on, and we’ll give you our two cents on two popular at-home fertility tests, Proov Complete and Modern Fertility. 

How at-home fertility tests aid in conceiving

First, some basics: what are at-home fertility tests, and how might they help you? At-home fertility tests range from simple ovulation predictor kits, that tell you the two days a month that you’re most fertile, to comprehensive hormone testing kits that use urine or blood to measure many hormones and give you an assessment of your overall fertility. 

There are blood tests, which usually require you to collect blood on a single day of your cycle and mail it to a lab, and there are urine tests that you’ll use throughout your cycle and read test strips either with a smartphone app or a special monitor. While blood tests may assess more hormones, urine tests generally provide a more holistic cycle analysis, since it’s easier to test throughout your menstrual cycle as hormone levels vary (there are also semen/sperm analysis tests, but we’re going to focus on female fertility here). 

There are several reasons you might want to consider at-home fertility testing. One is if you’ve been trying to conceive for a few months with no success. In this case, it’s wise to test to ensure you’re timing intercourse correctly and make sure you’re ovulating successfully. Both of those are necessary to conceive, and important considerations in diagnosing infertility. 

Another reason you might be interested in testing is if you’re wondering about your future fertility and trying to get ahead of the game! This is also a great reason to test, to ensure you’re ovulating regularly and successfully, and you know how to find your fertile window

Tracking reproductive health

Whether you’re currently trying to get pregnant or not, tracking your menstrual cycle also has many health benefits. You’ll know when you’re actually fertile (spoiler alert: not everyone ovulates on day 14), how to determine when your period is actually coming, and more easily track symptoms such as PMS and acne. 

There are many ways to track, including period tracker apps and some wearable devices, but fertility testing can play a helpful role here too! Fertility testing, especially with urine tests such as Proov Complete or Proov Predict & Confirm, will help you determine when you’re actually fertile and when ovulation has passed. This will ultimately be far more accurate than just an app that’s trying to predict your period based on past cycle length. 

What is Proov Complete? 

Proov Complete is an at-home urine testing system that tests the four main menstrual cycle hormones at key points throughout your cycle. Proov Complete uses follicle stimulating hormone levels to determine your ovarian reserve, estrogen (E1G) and luteinizing hormone to determine your fertile window, and PdG (progesterone biomarker) to confirm ovulation and test for successful ovulation during the implantation window. 

Proov Complete comes in a one- or two-cycle supply, and works in tandem with the Proov Insight App to read your tests and provide personalized feedback on your fertility. At the end of your testing cycle, you’ll receive an Insight Report that can be used to guide future decision-making and conversations with your doctor. 

Pros and Cons of Proov Complete and Modern Fertility At-Home Tests

Pros and Cons of Proov Complete

  • Pro: Tests all four main menstrual cycle hormones, giving you a holistic understanding of your cycle 
  • Pro: Less expensive than other/similar tests on the market
  • Pro: You don’t have to purchase a monitor or wait for your results
  • Con: Does not test other hormones that aren’t directly driving your menstrual cycle
  • Con: Not compatible with hormonal birth control use

What is the Modern Fertility Hormone Test? 

The Modern Fertility hormone test (now sold by Ro) is a one-time blood test that you mail back to a lab to receive fertility insights and the opportunity to connect with a nurse. This kit will test up to 8 reproductive hormones, depending on whether or not you’re using hormonal birth control. In addition to the four main menstrual hormones, the Modern Fertility kit will also test Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH), Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone, and Prolactin. Depending on your Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone levels, you may also receive a second kit to test free thyroxine. 

Pros and cons of Modern Fertility

  • Pro: Tests up to eight hormones, providing info on current and future fertility
  • Pro: Compatible with hormonal birth control use
  • Pro: Provides additional health information due to thyroid hormone testing
  • Con: On the expensive side for at-home tests
  • Con: May only provide two hormone values if you’re on birth control 
  • Con: Only tests a single day in your cycle, making current fertility assessment challenging

How do Proov Complete & Modern Fertility At Home Tests Compare? 

Both of these tests can provide valuable information about your future fertility and/or overall health, and help you connect with health care professionals. They give you guided insights about your fertility status and help you take charge of your health care. 

If you’re looking for a test you can use on hormonal birth control, or to assess your future fertility and potential success at IVF, the Modern Fertility test may be a better choice. If you’re currently trying to get pregnant, though, or looking for whole-cycle analysis, Proov Complete will provide a lot more bang for your buck. Proov Complete doesn’t just test your hormone levels–it can find the entire fertile window, and confirm ovulation, which are key pieces of information for trying to conceive. 

Choosing the Right Fertility Test for You 

So why would you choose one test over the other (or even a different test entirely)? It ultimately comes down to what your goals are, and what information you’re looking for. If you’re just looking for one-time screening, and not trying to conceive just yet, you may prefer a one-time blood test. 

If you’re trying to conceive, studies show that assessing hormone levels (especially progesterone) over multiple days presents a more complete picture of the success of ovulation and the health of your menstrual cycle. Proov Complete can also be used alongside semen analysis in the Hers & His Advanced Fertility Kit, to give you a more, well, complete picture of your fertility as a couple. 

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