Hers and His Fertility Starter Kit

Get Set Up for Success — Together!

It takes two to conceive, and we’ve got both of you covered with our partners at YO Sperm Test. Our starter kit includes Proov Predict & Confirm pee tests for her, plus the YO Home Sperm Test for him. Gain essential fertility insights easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

  • Predict ovulation — indicating her two most fertile days — with 99% accuracy 
  • Make sure his sperm is functioning as expected with YO, which confirms both quantity and quality to help rule out or uncover any issues
  • Confirm ovulation quality after the fact with Proov’s patented testing method
  • Use with the free YO and Proov Insight apps — no extra device purchase needed

✅  Meets FDA Standards

✅  Proov Confirm and YO Tests are FDA-cleared

✅  Free US Shipping


The Proov Insight app is only compatible with select phone models. Please see the full list of compatible models on our app FAQ.

Each Hers & His kit includes 1 Proov Predict & Confirm product and 1 YO Home Sperm Test. You’ll get 15 LH tests, 5 PdG tests, and 2 sperm tests total. That’s enough for a full cycle of tracking for both of you, so you get as much information as possible to help you get pregnant faster.

You can do all your Hers & His testing privately at home as directed, and get results in about 10 minutes. She’ll test pee (much like a pregnancy test), while he’ll test semen. 

Free companion apps help you take your knowledge one step further with easy all-month digital tracking, immediate numerical results, details on what your results mean, and action plans to support your goals. 

If you have questions, we’re always here.

Proov Predict measures luteinizing hormone (LH), a marker in urine that tells you ovulation is about to occur. You’ll identify your LH surge to zero in on your two most fertile days, so you can try to conceive at the best possible time.

YO Sperm Tests provide insight into sperm quantity and quality to help identify issues — or rule them out — right up front.

Proov Confirm measures PdG, a marker of progesterone detectable in urine that rises after the peak fertile window, during the implantation window.  A clinical study* shows that elevated PdG on specific days after suspected ovulation (during the implantation window) increases the chance of successful pregnancy from 19% to 92%.

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