Proov Complete vs Inito Tests: Differences, Similarities & How to Choose

proov complete fertility test


With so many new fertility testing options on the market, it can be difficult to know the difference, similarities, and which one is best for you. Here at Proov, we are passionate about getting you the right information to help move you forward in your trying to conceive journey.

That’s why we’re breaking down all you need to know about Proov Complete vs. Inito! Let’s dive in.

Proov Complete Fertility Diagnostics Kit Overview & Key Components

The Proov Complete Testing System is our most comprehensive at-home fertility test yet! It provides full cycle hormone insights for all 4 key cycle hormones and hormone markers – FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), E1G (estrogen marker), LH (luteinizing hormone), and PdG (progesterone marker). 

Each kit contains 3 FSH test strips, 17 Multihormone test strips (which measure E1G, LH, and PdG), instructions, a Proov app card, and access to the free Proov Insight app. While 20 test strips total may seem like a lot, the free Proov Insight app will walk you through when and how to test day by day, will scan your tests, and interpret your results. 

In measuring these 4 key hormones and hormone markers, Proov Complete will provide several key pieces of information throughout and after your cycle, including:

  • Insight into your ovarian reserve (a.k.a. an estimation of the amount of eggs you have left)
  • Your full fertile window – up to 6 days!
  • Confirm successful ovulation during the implantation window & provides your unique Proov-exclusive Ovulation Score
  • Key hormone balance ratios
  • Downloadable PDF hormone report

proov complete fertility test

Inito Fertility Monitor Kit Overview & Key Components

The Inito Starter Kit is referred to as an at-home fertility lab. It includes the Inito Fertility Monitor, an iPhone attachment clip, 15 test strips, and the Inito App.

Inito measures estrogen, LH (luteinizing hormone), PdG (progesterone metabolite), and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). The Inito Starter Kit will:

  • Predict your most fertile days
  • Confirm ovulation
  • Track your follicle growth

What are the differences between Proov & Inito Tests?


First and foremost, Proov Complete uses a patented testing method to confirm successful ovulation via testing PdG. PdG is a urine marker of progesterone, the hormone that rises after ovulation and prepares the uterus for implantation and pregnancy.

Unlike Inito, Proov Complete not only detects an initial PdG rise after an LH surge to confirm ovulation, it also tracks PdG levels across the implantation window (days 7-10 after an LH surge or peak fertility). Successful ovulation and PdG levels that remain elevated during the implantation window allow for a higher possible chance of getting pregnant. 

In fact, a recent clinical study showed that elevated PdG levels after ovulation and during the implantation window can increase the chances of pregnancy by up to 75%!*

Inito, on the other hand, simply detects ovulation by measuring PdG; it does not track PdG levels during the implantation window. Therefore, Inito does not provide insight into the full conception cycle by tracking the implantation window as well. 

Additionally, Proov Complete and Inito interpret FSH measurements in slightly different ways. Proov uses FSH to provide insight into your ovarian reserve, while Inito uses FSH to track your follicle growth.

FSH is the hormone that stimulates the ovaries to recruit follicles and prepare a mature egg for ovulation each cycle. When there are many follicles and eggs left in your ovaries (meaning you have a higher ovarian reserve), not much FSH is needed to recruit a follicle and your FSH levels will be low.

But, when there are less follicles and eggs, more FSH is needed to stimulate the ovary. This is why high FSH levels are correlated with a lower ovarian reserve. 

Proov Complete measures FSH along with E1G to provide insight into your ovarian reserve so you can better understand where you’re at to make a plan. With Inito, FSH measurements help you understand your follicle growth, although no further details are offered. 


Both Proov Complete and Inito measure hormones and hormone markers via urine-based test strips. To use both tests, you’ll need to collect a urine sample and dip the test strip in the sample.

But, that’s where the similarities end. After you take a Proov test, you’ll set it on the Proov app card included with your kit, let it develop for 10 minutes, then follow the in-app guidance to scan your test result into the Proov Insight app using your phone’s camera, regardless of if you have an iPhone or Android. (Yes, it really is that simple and there’s no additional devices needed!)

With Inito, on the other hand, once you dip your strip you’ll need to attach the Inito Fertility Monitor to the top part of your iPhone. (Note: the Fertility Monitor will not fit if there is a case on your phone, so you may need to remove that prior to testing. Additionally, Inito is only compatible with iOS devices at this time.)

Then, you must insert the test strip into the Fertility Monitor, where it will scan your strip and provide your results in the Inito app. 

Cost & Accessibility

You can purchased Proov Complete and the Inito Starter Kit on their respective websites. Inito is also available on Amazon. 

Proov Complete is $89 for one cycle of testing (which includes all 20 test strips), or you can get 2 cycles of Complete for $168. 

The Inito Starter Kit is $149 for the initial Fertility Monitor and 15 strips. Strip replacement packs are $49 each for a pack of 15 strips. 

Do Proov & Inito Tests have any similarities?

Ovulation Tracking

Both Proov Complete and Inito predict and confirm ovulation by measuring E1G or estrogen, LH, and PdG.

By testing E1G or estrogen and LH with either kit, you can identify the days you are most fertile, which is the best time to have intercourse or inseminate. This is when intercourse or insemination is most likely to result in conception.

Both kits do look for a rise in PdG after ovulation to confirm that ovulation has occurred, although we know Complete goes one step further by tracking PdG during the implantation window to track the full conception cycle to give you the highest chance of conception each cycle.

App Integration 

Both testing kits come with an app component to help you interpret and track your test results over time. This can be helpful in detecting hormone patterns and understanding your results. 

How to Choose the Right Test for You

Consider Individual Needs & Preferences

One of the biggest considerations if choosing between Proov Complete and Inito is the type of phone model you have. As we mentioned, Inito is currently only compatible with iPhone devices. So, if you have an Android device, Complete is the better option for you. 

Additionally, those who have had trouble conceiving may want to consider Complete over Initio. Typical ovulation tracking methods (like Inito) can miss potential fertility red flags.

Problems with ovulation are the #1 cause of female infertility. Confirming successful ovulation and elevated PdG during the implantation window with Proov Complete can help you ensure you have the highest possible chance of getting pregnant each and every cycle – something Inito cannot do.  

Consultation with Healthcare Professionals

At the end of each cycle with Proov Complete, you’ll receive a downloadable PDF report with all of your hormone values and results. We encourage you to bring these results to your doctor to run additional tests or identify the best next steps. We’ve also created this PDF to help them understand your Proov results and possible courses of action. 

Additionally you have the option to schedule a consultation with one of our partner physicians for an additional fee. These physicians are specifically trained to read and interpret Proov results to help you determine the best next steps. 

Inito does not currently offer additional healthcare support on their website. If you’re looking for that, Proov may be a better option for you. 

Have more questions about Proov Complete? Reach out to us at!

*Amy Beckley, Joshua Klein, John Park, Aimee Eyvazzadeh, Gary Levy, Alexandra Koudele. The predictive value of urinary progesterone metabolite PdG testing in pregnancy outcomes. Obstetrics and Gynecology Research 5 (2022): 194 - 198.