Why Proov Progesterone Testing is Worth the Cost

We know that $40 for a progesterone test kit seems like a lot--especially when compared to a luteinizing hormone test (an ovulation predictor test). But, Proov is no ordinary OTC test--we test progesterone, which actually confirms ovulation and is essential for conception. Here’s why $40 for seven test strips isn’t so bad:

Proov gives you new information

Proov is the only rapid response urine test that monitors progesterone levels, something which LH and hCG test strips (pregnancy tests) cannot do. Until now, there was a gap in fertility testing: women could easily predict when they were going to ovulate and could confirm they were pregnant, but confirming that the body is working properly--in other words, has enough progesterone to support conception--has been more difficult. For women battling infertility or who have PCOS, knowing that you are, in fact, ovulating is a vital piece of information. After all, without an egg, conception is not possible. 

Progesterone is essential for conception, meaning that if you do not have enough progesterone following ovulation, an embryo will not successfully implant. The ability to monitor progesterone during the days following ovulation can reveal a progesterone deficiency. Progesterone deficiencies can lead to unsuccessful conception or risk of miscarriage, since progesterone is so important to making sure the uterus is ready for pregnancy. The good news is that progesterone deficiencies are typically easily treatable. But you have to have the information first!

Inventing new technology is expensive

Creating new ideas and trying to bring them to market is expensive. Why does it cost so much to develop a new product? First, there are significant product development costs; we have to invest significantly in actually making the product--from raw materials to manufacturing. We also have spent a lot of money to have our product clinically validated and to make sure it complies with FDA regulations, all so we can make sure we are delivering an accurate, safe product. 

We are doing our best to make Proov more efficient to produce and hope to be in a position to make our tests more accessible to all women in the future. 

Proov compared to other progesterone tests

Proov is the only rapid response urine progesterone test. Proov kits include seven test strips, so with one kit, you can test your progesterone levels seven separate times. The alternatives to Proov are a one-time send away blood test or a one-time blood test performed by your doctor.

While these options only show quantitative progesterone levels, they only show them at one point in time (which we learned is not always helpful when trying to conceive--especially if your progesterone goes up but then comes down too quickly, like it did in Amy’s case).  Additionally, they are much more expensive than Proov on a one time basis. A send away blood test costs about $50 and a test from you doctor can cost anywhere between $15 to $150, all compared to $5.71 for each Proov test.

Know More with Proov

So, yes, while we may be expensive compared to ovulation predictor and pregnancy tests, we hope you will see how the benefits Proov can offer you are worth its cost. We strive to bring you a piece of information you have never had before, allowing you to know more about your body and have empowered conversations with your doctor. Buy your Proov kit today.