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Proov App FAQ

 We’ve provided answers to common questions below, but if something still isn’t clear, please reach out! We are always happy to help:

What does the Proov app do?

The Proov app does 3 key things: 1. Guides you when to take a PdG baseline, LH or PdG test, 2. Helps you understand if your test results are negative or positive, and 3. Analyzes your results. Unlike other cycle tracking apps, the Proov app allows you to track and analyze PdG and LH - the perfect fertility tracking pair to get you closer to pregnancy.

What do the values mean?

The app calculates the LH ratio, which is the test to control line ratio. If this number is above 1, it is a positive LH test. If that number is below 1, it is a negative test result

The app also calculates the PdG hormone level (hl) in ug/ml. If the number is below 5, it is a negative test and if the value is above 5, it is a positive result.

What is the peak fertility date?

The app calculates the peak fertility date as the first day your LH test is positive. PdG testing should be done 7-10 days past peak (DPP) to help determine successful ovulation status.

The app won’t let me log my test. What should I do?  

The Proov app is designed to ensure you are taking the right tests at the right time to help you reach your fertility goals faster. Tests need to be entered in the following order: 1. Baseline Proov, 2. LH testing until peak is detected and 3. Post ovulation Proov PdG tests. Therefore, if you don’t have a baseline test logged, you won’t be able to start logging LH tests. Having a baseline Proov test ensures you have the most accurate and useful data on your ovulation cycle. 

Do I need to do a new baseline test each cycle or can I use mine from last cycle?

We recommend a new baseline test every 6 consecutive cycles. The Proov app will allow you to reuse your baseline test image within 6 cycles of testing. After that, you will be prompted to take a new baseline test.  

How do I get the best image of my test strip?

Please place your test on the background card that came with your kit. If you don’t have this card, please use a light colored background instead. Make sure you are in a well lit area and that the strip is in focus when you take the picture. If using the gallery mode, it is helpful to crop the background out of the picture prior to uploading it into the app.

How do I start a new cycle?

Your period start date can be changed by going to Settings and then selecting “Start New Cycle”. 

How do I change the dates of my period?

To change the dates of your period go to Settings and select “Edit My Data”. Enter new cycle start date or period length.

NOTE: Once you start inputting tests (LH and PdG) you will be unable to change your period start date. If you need to change it after entering test data, you will need to delete all test data in the current month. Swipe left on each test to delete.   

Does the Proov app track BBT?

The Proov app was designed to help you track your hormones each month. At this time, the Proov App cannot track BBT, just hormones.

How many months of data will the Proov app track?

Currently, the Proov app will only keep track of the last 3 cycles of data. If you want to keep a record of more than 3 cycles, click the “monthly view” on the home screen and take a screenshot of the chart for your records. 

Will all ovulation tests work in the Proov app?

Most ovulation tests that track luteinizing hormone (LH) will work in the app. Tests that produce a red color will work, others will not. If you are using digital ovulation tests, a brand of ovulation test that is not supported in the Proov app, or are using cervical mucus to determine peak, use the “Manually Set Peak Date” function in the app to log your peak fertility date.

Brands validated to work within the Proov app:

  1. Pregmate
  2. Easy@Home
  3. Femometer
  4. Wondfo
  5. MomMed

Brands not supported:

  1. Mira
  2. Premom Quantitative tests
  3. Modern Fertility

Why am I not receiving notifications?

If you are not receiving notifications on when to test, open the app and make sure the notifications are turned on by clicking “Notifications” at the bottom of the screen and turning notifications on. If this still doesn't work, go into your phone settings and make sure that notifications are enabled for the Proov app.

I have a question that was not on this list. What do I do?

Contact us! We would love to hear from you. Email us at, join our private Facebook group ( or follow us on Instagram @proovtest. 

How do I download the Proov app?

The Proov app is available for download on the Google play store for Android phone or the App Store for an iPhone.