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Get the clearest picture of your unique cycle.

Proov: the fastest and easiest way to confirm ovulation.

With Proov, you can confirm ovulation at home, in 5 minutes, with the confidence that comes from a clinically validated progesterone test. Proov works by measuring progesterone itself—instead of progesterone-induced secondary symptoms, like basal body temperature—for accurate, reliable results you can trust.

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Good health and well-being.

Proov gives you this critical piece of information— knowing that you are ovulating or, if not, giving you the control to help regulate your cycle and get your overall health back on track. With only a couple strips needed per cycle, you get empowering information for the price of a couple cups of coffee.

Confirm with confidence.

While basal body temperature tracking can also be used to confirm ovulation, that data can be easily skewed by irregular sleep patterns, sickness, too much to drink the night before, or even a toasty toddler sharing the bed. Proov enables ovulation confirmation via measuring progesterone itself, allowing you to feel completely confident in the results.

Say "Goodbye" to the Guesswork

At-home results never looked this good
Quick Results
Accurate Detection

How it Works

4 easy steps to actionable answers.
One Proov pack comes with 7 strips: enough for 2-4 cycle's worth of testing, and possibly more, as you become a master Proover.

Step 1: Pee.

Just like a pregnancy test, the best and most accurate results will come from first morning urine.

It’s also important to collect it in a clean, dry plastic or glass container.

Step 2: Dip.

Place the strip into the urine sample for 5 seconds with the arrows pointing toward the urine.

But, be careful not to dip too far! If you dip past the STOP line, the test won’t work properly.

Step 3: Wait 5.

Minutes, that is... and your results are in!

1 distinct line indicates a positive test—meaning that progesterone levels are high, like this:

2 distinct lines indicate a negative test, indicating that progesterone levels are low, like this:

Step 4: Plan.

If your test is positive, you can feel confident in your progesterone levels, knowing that your ovulation is confirmed and you can successfully plan from there.

If your test is negative, you now have powerful information that you can give your doctor to help get your cycles regulated.

Remember... We've got your back.

Proov is your ally in all things progesterone. If you're confused with your result, have questions, or need any support, we're happily here for you - every step of the way.
Don't hesitate to contact us.

Proov Progesterone Test Strips

Track Your Progesterone at Home, in 5 Minutes

-Shown in studies to confirm ovulation with a single positive test, and no false positives2

-Doesn't require daily monitoring like temperature tracking, 5 minutes and 1 positive test is all you need to confirm ovulation.3

-Your schedule, your bathroom, your privacy.
It's that easy with Proov.


Dr. Lara Briden

"Progesterone is the hormone we make after ovulation, and ovulation is the main event of the menstrual cycle! Ovulating regularly—and therefore making enough progesterone—is essential for fertility and healthy periods, and can also help to prevent osteoporosis, dementia, heart disease and breast cancer."

— Dr. Lara Briden,
Naturopathic Doctor and Women’s Health Activist

Cycle Tracking Tools

A variety of tests for the clearest picture on your unique cycle.
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Cervical Mucus Testing Tracking Fertile Window CM When to conceive?
Confirms Ovulation Progesterone Have I ovulated?
Basal Body Temperature Confirms Ovulation Sometimes Temperature Is there a chance I ovulated?

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Words From a Real-Life Proover

“These are a must for any woman looking for insight on her cycle. Progesterone is a key hormone after ovulation. Sure beats going to the doctor for blood draws every cycle 7dpo.”
– Amazon Reviewer

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