proov sperm test
proov sperm test new look same accurate results
proov customer support team
proov sperm test
proov sperm test new look same accurate results
proov customer support team

    Sperm Test

    proov sperm test
    proov sperm test new look same accurate results
    proov customer support team

    At-Home Testing for Him

    The male side can account for up to 30% of fertility issues. With the FDA cleared Proov + Yo Sperm Test, you can check on his swimmers and get pregnant faster. Unlike other sperm tests that only measure sperm count, the Proov + Yo test measures his motile sperm, to ensure his swimmers can get to where they need to go – your egg! Each test kit comes with 2 at-home sperm tests and the free Yo app.

      “As a fertility doctor, Proov is one of the most comprehensive, reliable at home diagnostic testing and support systems I’ve ever seen. I love that Proov provides a suite of products that allows patients to have more information and tools from the comfort of home.”
      Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh
      MD, PhD, FACOG

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      Sperm Test
      What's Included
      • YO Wifi device
      • 2 collection cups
      • 2 YO slides, pipets, and liquefaction vials
      • Instructions for use
      When You'll Test +

      He can test whenever he’s ready! However, it’s best not to have intercourse or ejaculate 2-5 days before testing so we recommend targeting testing accordingly.

      The Science +
      • The Proov + YO Sperm test looks at Motile Sperm Concentration (or MSC for short).
      • MSC is a measurement of the number of moving sperm per mL of semen. Since more motile sperm mean a higher chance of reaching an egg, this is the best screening tool for sperm.
      Results +
      • You’ll receive a YO score and a video of your sample, which can be shared with a doctor if you choose. A low result (MSC < 6M/ml or a YO score of < 40) indicates a lower than average motile sperm concentration
      • Remember, it only takes 1 sperm to fertilize an egg, so it’s still possible to get pregnant even with a low score.
      • If you have a low score, the YO app will provide fertility improvement tools, otherwise we always recommend talking to your doctor about possible treatment.  
      Who This Test Is For +
      • Couples who want to ensure sperm are present and active
      • Couples who have been trying for a few months without success
      Common Questions +
      What does the Proov Male Fertility Test measure?

      The Proov Male Fertility Test measures Motile Sperm Concentration (how many sperm are actually moving) and sperm quality. The YO app then compares your partner’s results to laboratory standards and to other men who have fathered children.

      What is Motile Sperm Concentration (MSC)?

      MSC is the number of moving sperm in 1 milliliter of your partner’s sample. The Proov Male Fertility test is an important test because it checks for moving sperm — a critical characteristic since sperm needs to be able to swim to the egg!

      Why is MSC tested?

      Since sperm must be able to swim to the egg for conception to occur, knowing your partner’s concentration of moving sperm is an important piece of the fertility puzzle. The Proov Male Fertility Test also provides a MSC ranking and a personal reference video, which can be shared with your doctor if needed.

      I have other questions about the Proov Male Fertility Test. Can you help?

      Please see here for the Yo Sperm Test FAQ. For specific questions about your Yo Sperm test, we recommend reaching out to the Yo Sperm team directly at

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