MFB Fertility Successfully Funds Crowdfunding Campaign

MFB Fertility Successfully Funded their IndieGoGo campaign to raise enough money to develop the Ovulation Double Check test.

From the campaign:

“Why we need your support: These tests are manufactured in a facility that is registered with the FDA. The manufacturer is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and uses top-of-the-line highly calibrated striping and cutting equipment. Each lot of tests undergo a quality control process to ensure tests are accurate. While we are currently selling these tests, we need additional funding to:

  1. Expand our market.
  2. Create a digital version of the Ovulation Double Check® test.
  3. Expand our product line to include tests that will measure other reproductive hormones.

Manufacturing the Ovulation Double Check® test

This IndieGoGo campaign was successfully funded on May 12th 2016. Our amazing supporters helped us raise over $31,000 to develop and commercialize the Ovulation Double Check® test. We have chosen a manufacturer that is FDA registered and very knowledgeable in developing in home fertility tests.

Prototype development was completed on October 24th 2016. During the months of November and December, 348 home users and 2 Universities used and evaluated the prototypes. After gathering data to determine the accuracy of the tests, in late December we made a few changes to improve the tests.”

Link to MFB Fertility Ingegogo Campaign