** SALE 20% OFF Proov! NOW - April 27, 11:59pm ET.** Discount applied at checkout. Exclusions apply.*

** SALE 20% OFF Proov! NOW - April 27, 11:59pm ET.** Discount applied at checkout. Exclusions apply.*

How Proov and Yo Sperm Test can Help You Conceive Faster

Written by:, PhD, Founder and Inventor of the Proov test — the first and only FDA-cleared test to confirm successful ovulation at home.

I’m getting positive Proov tests but I’m still not conceiving…now what?


So you and your significant other are trying to conceive and you have been using Proov to make sure you are ovulating properly. You’re feeling good about your positive Proov tests, but you’re still having trouble conceiving. At this point, you may be wondering what to do next.

Let’s take it back to health class

Everyone who has taken health class knows you need both a man and woman to conceive - the sperm and the egg. Without one or the other, conception is not possible. If you are getting multiple positive Proov tests indicating levels are staying high enough for long enough, then you it is very unlikely that low PdG levels could be the barrier to conceiving. But what about your partner? The second most common cause of infertility is male factor - meaning that there is some issue with his swimmers that are making it harder to conceive. Semen volume, sperm concentration, and sperm quality are all critical factors on the male side. If you and your partner are having sex at the right time, have checked the progesterone box, but are still having trouble conceiving, a sperm test can be an easy next step to rule out (or in!) male factor.  The good news is that our friends at YO have made sperm testing easy and convenient - their tests can be done right from the comfort of your own home!


Introducing YO

YO allows your partner to test his sperm with complete privacy. YO tests are shipped in a plain box and you only get results through your personal mobile device. You get motile (moving) sperm results quickly and can even watch a live video of your swimmers doing their thing!

YO test results help you determine if your partner has adequate motile sperm concentration and steps to take if he does not. 

Proov and YO can help you conceive faster

Using both Proov and YO on your trying to conceive journey can help you conceive faster. Together, this testing can help identify up to 70% of infertility issues, right from the comfort of your own home. It’s a simple step to take before pursuing more invasive treatment options. 

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