Why is “Double Checking” Ovulation Important? 

Why is “Double Checking” Ovulation Important? 

Before we were known as Proov®, we were the Ovulation Double Check® - a heritage and name that is still so important to us. But why is it important to “double check” ovulation? There are a few reasons! Let’s dive in. 

A positive ovulation test does not necessarily mean ovulation has happened!

Many are familiar with traditional ovulation tests, which are also known as ovulation predictors or ovulation predictor kits. These tests are an important part of the trying to conceive puzzle and allow a couple to know “when” the best time is to try to conceive. 

They work by measuring luteinizing hormone, or LH, for short. LH is the hormone that spikes right before ovulation and its purpose is to cause the mature follicle to rupture, releasing the egg.  This is why measuring LH provides a good view of when ovulation is about to occur.  

However, it is possible for LH to spike, but for ovulation not to happen!  How is this possible?  In some cases, and especially for women with PCOS, LH can be elevated frequently throughout the cycle, but never actually cause the follicle to rupture. 

Really, the purpose of ovulation tests is to time “trying” correctly. This is why it’s important to “double check” ovulation as well, which is something you can do with Proov, which tracks PdG, the hormone released after ovulation.  

Problems with ovulation are the leading cause of infertility!

As most of us remember from 7th grade biology class, there are 3 key things needed to get pregnant: a sperm, an egg, and for them to meet.  

The traditional ovulation tests on the market today that measure LH have the “meet” part covered.  There are also various at home test kits that help track sperm motility and quantity (we like Yo!). 

But what about the egg?  If ovulation is not occurring properly, then it can make it hard for the all-important “egg” part of the equation to be there.  This is yet another reason why double checking that ovulation has occurred with Proov PdG tests is so important! 

Proov is the first and only FDA-cleared PdG test kit to confirm successful ovulation at home -effectively allowing women to double check – as our original name suggested! – that ovulation has occurred. PdG is the urine metabolite of progesterone and only rises after ovulation has happened. Since PdG is not present in urine if an egg is not released, Proov can confirm ovulation in women with all types of cycles, including those with PCOS.