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Take our Fertility Quiz and get 10% off!

Say Hello to Proov’s New App

Written by:, PhD, Founder and Inventor of the Proov test — the first and only FDA-cleared test to confirm successful ovulation at home.

Today we are very excited to tell you that we have started rolling out Proov’s shiny new app to all Proovers on iPhone and Android!

We’ve been listening to you, and this is a huge update based on feedback from Proovers like you! We’ve rebuilt the app from the ground up to deliver the reliable, easy-to-use experience that you all deserve.

Take a peek at the new Proov app

  • New user-friendly interface – it’s easier to find your reports
  • Photos of previous test strips are now in the app
  • Easier-to-read hormone chart with data values
  • Updated calendar with a week view–plan ahead and see your upcoming test days
  • Cycle stage cards–We highlight important milestones in your cycle! You’ll see a special screen when your fertile window opens, ovulation is confirmed, and more. 
  • The report at the end of your cycle compares your results to the ideal range for highest chances of conception.

What Proovers Are Already Saying

The new Proov app has already been tested by hundreds of Proovers on both iPhone and Android. Thank you! Here’s what some of them had to say about it:

“The interface is so much easier to understand and the calendar function being able to see it on a monthly and weekly view is FANTASTIC for the beginners like me!”

“I’ve been trying to play around the new app for the last few days and overall I think it’s easy to use and straightforward.”

“The chart and data look good. The key makes it easy to understand which line represents which hormone.”

How Proovers Use the App

When Proov first started, our tests were just test strips that you needed to read by eye. Squinting at strips was required.

We’ve long since waved the squinting days goodbye, and now our Proov app can guide our users through the whole testing experience with less guesswork and less frustration.

Same Great Fertility Insights, Happier Prooving:

  1. The home screen gives you a heads-up on when to test
  2. Advanced image detection reads your Proov test strips on the first try
  3. Your hormone chart gives you a clear display of your test results
  4. Reports in the app show you the big picture about what your results mean
  5. Connecting with fertility treatment in just one tap

The Proov Complete kit does the best job of showcasing all of the capabilities of the new app – from finding your most fertile days to a comprehensive report identifying hormone patterns that might be reducing your chances of a successful pregnancy. Proov’s testing protocol adapts to YOUR unique cycle, to give personalized and reliable results for as many women as possible.

Ovulation related issues are the most common cause of infertility in women, and the good news is that many of them can be easily treated with oral medication or lifestyle changes. That’s why Proov goes beyond hormone tracking to connect you with fertility treatment, such as a progesterone prescription, through our partners like Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh and Frame Fertility

A More Predictable Way to Test

Accuracy and consistency are at the core of the new Proov app. We’ve partnered with new technical experts to help the app read your Proov strips more consistently in a wider range of environments so you can speed through your Proov tests every morning. That means fewer instances of having to retake your photo at 6 AM in a dark bathroom!

And in an effort to build a reliable experience for all our users, we invested more time in testing – including a beta program of hundreds of Proovers to be sure that the app works well across many different mobile phone models and many different women’s menstrual cycles.

 One of the biggest benefits of at-home hormone testing is being able to see the whole shape of your menstrual cycle, showcased best in our Complete kit. And our app helps you understand what that means to optimize your chances of a successful pregnancy.

A Better Future Ahead

We believe that anyone trying to conceive deserves to have the technology supporting their journey be as clear and easy as possible – because you’re already dealing with so much.

The best part about this app update is that it’s just the beginning of a new era for Proov — the new app is a strong foundation to launch new features and products more easily!

If you have more suggestions about how the app can be even better for you in the future, please keep telling us! Reach out 7 days a week to info@proovtest.com.

"Women are innately powerful, but given the right information, they are unstoppable." - Amy Beckley, Proov Founder & CEO

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