How Your Menopause Stage Is Determined

How Your Menopause Stage Is Determined

When you use Proov Empower, there are three key pieces of information that help to identify which menopause stage feels most consistent for you.

Your stage is determined by 1) your menstrual cycle, 2) the symptoms you’re experiencing, and 3) your FSH levels.

The menopause transition has four major stages. They’re characterized as the following:

  • Premenopause: This is the time where minor menstrual cycle changes may happen, but there are no major changes in hormones yet. 
  • Early Perimenopause: In this stage, FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) starts to rise, there are small changes to menstrual cycle length, usually with cycles becoming shorter and periods heavier. Symptoms may start to appear. Many women may notice a drop in progesterone in this phase and may have the start of perimenopause symptoms. 
  • Late Perimenopause: Going 60+ days without a period marks the start of late perimenopause. Many women may notice a drop in estrogen in this phase, and the appearance of hot flashes.
  • Postmenopause: Menopause is what happens when a woman goes 12 months without a period – not due to hysterectomy, medication, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

Your menopause stage will be shown in the Proov Peri-Meter. 

Read more about menopause stages in this NIH article.