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Proov for Cycle Tracking

As the only in-home rapid response urine progesterone test, Proov offers a new way for women to track their menstrual cycles. Proov is the only urine test strip that confirms ovulation and gives women information about their cycles that wasn’t easily accessible to them before.

How does Proov help with cycle tracking?

Since ovulation is an important event in the menstrual cycle, being able to confirm it happened is vital to the cycle tracking process. Currently, many women use basal body temperature tracking to confirm ovulation and while this method does work, it can be inaccurate since temperature change is a secondary symptom of ovulation.

Proov measures progesterone, which is only released by the corpus luteum (empty follicle) after ovulation, making it the only way to truly confirm ovulation. Proov has even been clinically validated to confirm ovulation in 95% of women with no false positives.

Why should I use Proov to track my cycle?

Many women track their menstrual cycle for many different reasons. The following are typical reasons why our Proovers track their cycles:

General wellbeing. The menstrual cycle is the fifth vital sign for women. If there are issues and imbalances within your hormones and/or cycle, they’re most likely pointing to a great issue in your body.

Trying to conceive in the future. Women who are not currently trying to conceive, but wish to conceive in the future and just want to make sure their body is working properly.

Ovulation confirmation. Women may want to determine if they are still ovulating, for various reasons, including sickness, perimenopause, and other health issues.

Period prediction. A positive Proov test lets you know your period is going to arrive in a few days.

Not only can Proov help with the above reasons, but it allows you to track progesterone and confirm ovulation at a cost as low as five dollars per strip! If you have any questions about cycle tracking with Proov, feel free to email us at