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Proov PdG Tests

Confirm successful ovulation by tracking PdG.

Tracking PdG days 7-10 after peak fertility can give you powerful information that, if need be, allows for simple adjustments to help achieve your fertility goals.
Within minutes, Proov delivers your personal PdG results that day. No more guessing as to whether or not you’ve ovulated successfully!
Pair the Proov PdG kit with your favorite peak fertility tracking methods for more information and fertility tracking that works for you!

Predict & Confirm™

The perfect fertility hormone tracking pair.

The Proov Predict & Confirm™ kit includes both Proov LH and PdG strips. LH is the hormone that spikes right before ovulation, helping to identify your peak fertility. This helps when it comes to figuring out the best time to try to make a baby!
PdG, on the other hand, is the urine metabolite of progesterone (the hormone released after ovulation). Tracking PdG in urine over multiple days—7-10 days after your positive LH test, to be exact—helps to confirm successful ovulation.
Tracking both LH and PdG with Proov gives you a more complete picture of your ovulation.