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Why Progesterone Could be the Missing Piece to your Pregnancy Puzzle

Typically, couples struggling to conceive need to be actively trying for 12 months before they can seek help from a doctor -- but why? It’s because most fertile couples will conceive within a year of having unprotected intercourse. However, if you have irregular periods, PCOS, recurrent miscarriage, or generally know something is just not right, it can be frustrating and downright destructive to be forced to wait before getting help. If your body is not ready for conception, waiting 12 months is not going to solve that. In fact, waiting might physically make infertility challenges worse due to the stress and disappointment from seeing month-after-month of negative pregnancy tests.  

Proov founder and CEO, Amy Beckley, had this very experience herself. She suffered for more than a year, which included 4 pregnancy losses, before she was “allowed” to seek treatment.  By the time she finally got into the doctor, she was so desperate to hold a baby in her arms at home that when she was presented the option of continuing to try to figure out what was wrong in exchange for a 5-10% chance of successfully conceiving each month versus going straight for IVF with a 70% chance of success, she immediately jumped at IVF.  

What she learned a few years later after 2 rounds of IVF was that her infertility was caused by a simple progesterone issue. With a $200 supplement she could easily take at home, she was able to conceive and carry her daughter to term without issue.  It was this experience that led her to be so incredibly passionate about progesterone and to invent the Proov test, which is the at home progesterone test that allows women to track progesterone levels in 5 minutes.  

Wondering how it works? Hear from Amy herself in the below video: 



Amy’s road to treatment was long, hard, and depressing. It is now her mission to save as many other women as possible from having the same experience she endured.  Each Proov at home progesterone test kit comes with 7 strips – enough for a full cycle’s worth of testing. If Proov indicates progesterone levels are adequate, a woman can feel confident after testing in the comfort of her home that low progesterone won’t be a barrier to conceiving.  However, if tests are negative, she has powerful information on what to do next to increase levels – which can be as simple as diet and lifestyle changes or a supplement.

Knowledge really is power. Discover your progesterone levels with Proov.