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SPECIAL OFFER - Proov Test Strips
SPECIAL OFFER - Proov Test Strips
SPECIAL OFFER - Proov Test Strips
SPECIAL OFFER - Proov Test Strips
SPECIAL OFFER - Proov Test Strips
SPECIAL OFFER - Proov Test Strips
SPECIAL OFFER - Proov Test Strips

SPECIAL OFFER - Proov Test Strips

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Test Your Progesterone Levels
at Home, in 5 Minutes

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Your levels of progesterone play a vital role in successful ovulation and conception1—Proov tests those levels, providing accurate results in just 5 minutes. The wondering and waiting is over: take control of your fertility journey with Proov.

– Clinically validated to correlate with progesterone levels in the blood3.

– The perfect companion to your ovulation predictor kit.

– Empowers multiple days of testing to ensure levels are high enough for long enough — critical information that is not accessible through a one-time blood test3.


Immediate Results in 4 Easy Steps

No blood draw, no mail-in—just Proov and a quick urine sample.


Collect first morning urine in a clean, dry container.



Place the strip into the urine sample for 5 seconds.


Wait 5.

Minutes, that is... and your results are in!

Positive looks like this:

Negative looks like this:



If your test is positive, you can know your body has successfully ovulated this cycle.

If your test is negative, you now have powerful information to help you make educated decisions on what to do next.

Cycle Tracking Tools

A variety of tests for the clearest picture on your unique cycle.
Test Type: Purpose: Accurate? Measures: Answers:
Ovulation Predictor Kit Predicts Ovulation LH When to conceive?
Cervical Mucus Testing Tracking Fertile Window CM When to conceive?
Confirms Ovulation Progesterone Will my body support conception?
Basal Body Temperature Confirms Ovulation Sometimes Temperature Have I ovulated?

Proover Community

Join us in our private Facebook Group, where you'll find lots of Proovers, just like you.
1. Rothchild I. Role of progesterone in initiating and maintaining pregnancy. In: Bardin CW, Milgrom E, Mauvais-Jarvis P, editors. Progesterone and Progestins. New York: Raven Press; 1983. p. 219. *Proov works by measuring the major progesterone metabolite pregnanediol glucoronide (PDG) in urine, which has been shown to directly correlate to blood serum levels and confirm ovulation.
2. Steroids. 2013 Oct;78(10):1035-40. doi: 10.1016/j.steroids.2013.06.006. Epub 2013 Jul 4. Use of urinary pregnanediol 3-glucuronide to confirm ovulation. Ecochard R1, Leiva R, Bouchard T, Boehringer H, Direito A, Mariani A, Fehring R.
3. BMJ Open. 2019 May 27;9(5):e028496. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-028496. Pilot observational prospective cohort study on the use of a novel home-based urinary pregnanediol 3-glucuronide (PDG) test to confirm ovulation when used as adjunct to fertility awareness methods (FAMs) stage 1. Leiva R1,2, McNamara-Kilian M2, Niezgoda H2, Ecochard R3, Bouchard T4.
Proov Refund Policy:
Due to the personal nature of our product, we cannot accept returns once products have been shipped. However, we are happy to provide full refunds for all products not yet shipped. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal so if you have any concerns about the Proov product you have received, please contact us at