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Our Sunday visitor

At-home ovulation test a ‘breakthrough’ for NFP Company hopes to release progesterone test this summer that will help couples pinpoint ovulation Brian Fraga OSV Newsweekly 5/11/2016 At-home ovulation test a ‘breakthrough’ for NFP Experts say traditional fertility...

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St. Louis review

At-home progesterone test could change the face of NFP A Colorado biologist looking to produce an at-home test to confirm ovulation has piqued the interest of natural family planning users in a big way. Ovulation Double Check is an at-home urine test that will detect...

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Simcha Fisher blog post

This at-home ovulation test could be an NFP game-changer Here’s some amazing news for couples who use NFP: the Marquette method, which measures estrogen and LH in the urine, is about to get more effective… Read more...

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Press release

MFB Fertility, LLC Develops Only In-Home Test to Detect Progesterone Research has shown that couples get pregnant faster when they know when exactly when ovulation takes place. Fertility monitors and ovulation predictor kits allow couples to track estrogen and...

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