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Proov App Exclusive Offer

Introducing Proov App (beta)

We’re so excited about our new app! With Proov, you can track progesterone at home in 5 minutes, and with our Proov new app, it is now easier to use, interpret tests and store your test results.  The Proov app allows for tracking over multiple days and multiple cycles. Still in beta testing, our app is designed to answer three questions: 

When should I test with Proov?

Is my test positive or negative?

What do my results mean?

We get these questions a lot! It’s one of the reasons we’re thrilled about our new app - in addition to making it even easier for you to Proov! The Proov app guides you through when to Proov, your test results (positive or negative), and what they mean. Unlike other cycle tracking apps, Proov app allows you to track and chart progesterone and LH - the perfect fertility tracking pair to get you closer to pregnancy.


Want to be the first to try the Proov app? 

We need 50 women to help us beta test the new Proov app!

Benefits of being a beta tester:

  1. Have incredible hormone tracking power at your fingertips!
  2. Use the app a full cycle and earn a FREE Proov kit
  3. Provide feedback to help us shape the future of progesterone testing

Sounds amazing right? Hurry and sign up below, this is only limited to the first 50 women. Available on iOS and Android.  

How the App Works

Proov app allows you to track your LH, fertile window, and progesterone levels all in one convenient app.
Weren’t fast enough to be our first 50 women? Not to worry, the FREE Proov app will soon be available on both Android and Apple devices for all to enjoy (after beta testing is complete)