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How Testing Progesterone Can Help You Get Pregnant Faster

There are lots of products on the market today that help time intercourse correctly – from ovulation tests to temperature trackers to wearable bracelets and more. When it comes to trying to conceive, it’s great to use a product that can find the fertile window! It’s critical to make sure sex is happening in the fertile window as a first step to conceiving. 

But what if you are already finding your fertile window but still not conceiving? Enter Proov. Proov is the first at-home progesterone test that allows for easy progesterone tracking, in just 5 minutes. As you may or may not yet know, progesterone is critical to conception and pregnancy. Progesterone is the hormone released right after ovulation and it prepares the uterus to receive a fertilized egg. Without it or enough of it, conception and pregnancy simply aren’t possible. So, tracking this hormone is a critical piece of the getting pregnant puzzle! Plus, it fills the gap between ovulation tests and pregnancy tests, giving your more information about your cycle and body.

Doctors can and often do test for progesterone when women are struggling to conceive or have had multiple pregnancy losses. Up until now, testing required drawing a blood sample, sending it to a lab and waiting at least 24 hours – although oftentimes more – for results. Besides being more convenient, Proov can sometimes provide better information at home than what is available through a blood test at the doctor. See, blood tests only represent a one-point-in-time reflection of progesterone levels. But progesterone is not a hormone that just spikes and goes down—it needs to go up and stay up for an extended period of time to support successful conception. So even if a blood test indicates that levels are OK at one point in time, if they fall too quickly, a woman may still have challenges with getting and staying pregnant. This is critical information that can save couples from month after month of disappointing pregnancy test results or multiple pregnancy losses.  

What if Proov indicates progesterone is low? Well, the fix could be as simple as a lifestyle or diet change, a supplement or other medication. And if Proov indicates your progesterone is fine, you can check that box and move one step closer to figuring out what may be a barrier to conceiving. 

Curious to learn more?  Checkout our co-founders Amy (as herself) and Ellen (as Queen Progesterone) in the video below:

Since Proov is non-invasive, women can test at home multiple days in a row to ensure that progesterone is elevated high enough for long enough. Each single Proov kit comes with 7 test strips, designed to last one complete cycle and allowing a woman to test her levels 7 times!  

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