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Dr. Patti’s Story: “Proov was an essential tool for me when trying to conceive”

Proov testing is an essential component of my fertility practice as well as my personal health. Monitoring progesterone levels is SO important because not only does it support a healthy pregnancy and helps confirm ovulation, but it also provides us with a calming feeling that we can benefit from even when we are not looking to get pregnant.



I love using Proov because it allows me to easily see where progesterone levels are 7 days past ovulation, without needing to order a blood test. My patients can identify their progesterone levels in the comfort of their own home without a needle stick or lab requisition. When Proov tests are positive, it let’s me know that there are adequate levels of progesterone present to support a pregnancy and also confirms that my patients are effectively ovulating. I find it to be an essential component to fertility mapping and tracking, LH strips are helpful but progesterone levels provide further confirmation of ovulation and peace of mind early in the first trimester.



Proov was an essential tool for me when trying to conceive, after struggling with PCOS and low progesterone levels, it helped me confirm that I was ovulating properly and reassured me I had plenty of progesterone around in that first trimester when we became pregnant!