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Ashley’s Proov Story: “More than Just a Test”

You hear stories of couples struggling to get pregnant, but you never understand the journey until it is yours.  This past spring, my husband and I decided to expand our family. 

I took out my implant, downloaded several cycle-tracking apps, bought ovulation test strips and the journey began.  After a few months of negative pregnancy tests, I decided to get proactive on understanding my cycle. I did some research and listened to the experts, including podcasts on fertility. There was one episode where Amy from Proov discussed this revolutionary product.  After listening to the podcast, I discovered Proov and how it could help me. I ordered the tests that same day. 

I started testing with Proov and, to my surprise, at 9 days past ovulation my test was negative.  How was my progesterone dropping so early? I read through a few Proov blogs and found “seed cycling.”  It intrigued me so much that I bought all the supplies and started seed cycling in my next cycle, hoping my progesterone results would be different this time.  

I woke up on day 9 post ovulation and tested my progesterone with Proov, expecting it to be negative.  I stared at the test for several minutes... it was POSITIVE. Excited and nervous, I took a pregnancy test right after. If my progesterone was high, maybe that meant I had finally conceived! I took the pregnancy test and waited for what seemed like a lifetime, and there it was... a faint second line.  I started bawling. I took test after test, wanting to confirm it was true. All the pregnancy tests came back positive. I was a happy crying mess. 

I got in to see the doctor the next day and my blood work confirmed pregnancy and sufficient progesterone levels. I was ecstatic!  Here I am now 12 weeks pregnant almost through the first trimester.


We've seen our baby on the first ultrasound and everything is perfect thus far.  Proov has truly been an amazing tool for me. It wasn't just about the test - it was the support, the confirmation from Amy, the advice on how to have a conversation with my doctor and it was a way to understand my body.  I tell everyone I know about it. It really is more than just a test, and I’m walking proof of that!