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Arden’s Proov Story: “We are pregnant with our rainbow baby and I owe it all to Proov!”

After a year and a half of actively trying to conceive, my husband and I learned that we were pregnant naturally. We were stunned because we had just started seeing a fertility specialist and had a plan to start a medicated cycle due to my luteal phase being dangerously short. When that pregnancy ended in miscarriage, I felt compelled to look for answers and that’s when I found Proov.


I used Proov on my second cycle after my first miscarriage and learned that my progesterone levels after ovulation were not sufficient for getting pregnant. That cycle my luteal phase was nine days and we did not get pregnant due to low progesterone. I took photos of my results and sent them to my fertility doctor where he agreed, I needed supplements. 

I was then prescribed progesterone suppositories for my next cycle, where we did a medicated cycle, and got pregnant. Sadly, that second pregnancy ended in miscarriage, I feel confident that having progesterone added to my protocol got us pregnant.


Currently we are pregnant with our rainbow baby and I owe it all to Proov! Without their help educating me on my own cycle and why progesterone is necessary for getting and staying pregnant, I don’t think I’d have the opportunity to carry our little boy!