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Why Ovulation Tests are More Powerful with Proov


We love ovulation tests!  They provide valuable information about when a couple should have intercourse if they are trying to conceive. Figuring out the “when” is very important when it comes to getting pregnant so it’s great to use ovulation tests to track the fertile window accurately.  

Up until now, women could use ovulation tests to predict ovulation, but then would have to wait a long two weeks to take a pregnancy test to see if they had conceived. But what if there was a tool that could fill in that gap and provide valuable information about whether or not conception is even possible? A tool that could help diagnose the number one cause of infertility. With Proov, that tool exists.  Proov is the first at home progesterone test kit that allows women to track progesterone levels in just 5 minutes. Progesterone is the hormone released right after ovulation, and it’s what prepares the uterus to receive a fertilized egg. Without sufficient and sustained levels, there is no chance at conception.

Proov is the perfect wing-woman to your favorite ovulation and pregnancy tests.  It works by measuring a urine metabolite of progesterone called Pregnanediol Gluconoride (PdG).  Because it is non-invasive and can be used at home, Proov is great for tracking progesterone levels over time – which can be critical to determining if this super hormone is high enough for long enough.

And Proov is as simple to use as your ovulation and pregnancy tests.  No blood draws, no lab fees - your schedule, your bathroom, your privacy. It’s that easy with Proov.


Get the full fertility picture with Proov.