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How Proov progesterone strips helped me conceive my rainbow baby.

We had already been blessed with 2 healthy boys, but our family just didn’t quite seem complete. Especially as my boys grew and became more independent, I yearned for those cuddly baby years – just one more time.  So, my husband and I decided to go for it!  One more baby to make us 5. 

I was 39 though and I knew that conceiving this baby might be difficult. I quickly stocked up on various fertility tools – ovulation predictor tests, pregnancy tests and Proov. I had been lucky enough to stumble upon Proov in its early days and since I had heard that progesterone levels can decline with age, I knew progesterone would be important to track. When I discovered I was pregnant after just a couple cycles, we were thrilled! Tragically, however, we lost the baby at 8 weeks.

Devastated, but determined to move forward, my husband and I decided that if I didn’t get pregnant by then end of 2017, we were going to remain a family of 4. I began using ovulation predictor kits to detect my fertile window and then Proov to confirm I had enough progesterone to support conception. I wanted to be sure I had sufficient progesterone since I know it’s necessary to support a healthy pregnancy. Miraculously, I found out I was pregnant 2 months later. We were thrilled! 

Our 3rd boy, Kash was born February 22, 2018 and our dreams of being a family of 5 came true. Kash is now a thriving toddler.  I am so thankful to Proov for helping me make sure I had enough progesterone to support my beautiful rainbow baby.


Mom to Zane, Wynn, and Kash (my rainbow, thanks to Proov!)