Proov for Trying to Conceive

Currently, there are six million couples trying to conceive in the United States. Many of these couples use ovulation predictor tests (LH tests) or other cycle tracking devices to find their fertile window and to time intercourse during that window. Two weeks later, they use a pregnancy test (HCG test) to confirm if they are or are not pregnant. But what is going on during those two weeks in between peak fertility and testing for pregnancy?

Before Proov, the two week wait was a black box for couples who were trying to conceive. With Proov, women who are TTC can confirm their body is working properly, meaning yes, they have ovulated and yes, they have enough progesterone to even have a chance at conception.

Why is Proov important for couples TTC?

Sufficient progesterone is necessary for implantation and conception. Without enough high enough progesterone levels during the implantation window, a woman has no chance of successfully conceiving.

Proov is the only in-home rapid response urine progesterone test. Proov allows women to have clinically validated diagnostics available at their fingertips from their first day TTC, without needing to see a doctor. Since Proov gives women results so quickly, it allows them to be proactive about their fertility and to get answers faster.

Proov also helps women diagnose the leading cause of infertility: low progesterone. With many women waiting to have children later in life, they don’t want to wait six months or more to get pregnant, so learning about potential issues early on is vital.

Who can use Proov when TTC?

Proov can be used by any woman trying to conceive. Just a few uses when TTC include:

  • Women who just started trying to conceive and want to confirm their body is working properly.
  • Women who want to get pregnant as soon as possible.
  • Women who just stopped taking hormonal birth control and want to make sure they are ovulating before TTC.
  • Women who want to find out if there if a problem with their cycle as soon as possible so they can treat it.
  • Women who are TTC over 25 years old and want to make sure their body is working properly.
  • Women who have been TTC for a few months and haven’t been able to get pregnant.

I got my Proov results...now what?

If your Proov tests are positive for the days during the implantation window, congrats! Your body is working properly and you have enough progesterone to support conception.

If your Proov tests are negative during the implantation window, don’t worry - treating low progesterone is simple. Some natural ways to treat progesterone include diet, exercise, and supplements. You can also get prescriptions from your doctor to increase your progesterone levels. You can read more about interpreting Proov results here. If you have any questions about using Proov when trying to conceive, you can reach us at info@proovtest.com.