Progesterone support to prevent pregnancy loss

Progesterone has a critical role in supporting fetal development. However, medical professionals have always debated if progesterone supplementation during early pregnancy would decrease the risks of early pregnancy loss. While there is still debate in the field, these two articles suggest that when a woman begins the progesterone supplements changes the success rates. The first study suggests that if progesterone supplements are started 3 days after ovulation, it increased pregnancy success rates from 51% to 68% in women with a history of pregnancy loss. A second study shows that if women started progesterone supplements when they got their positive pregnancy test, there was no increase in success rates (65.8% vs 63.3%). Therefore, this data suggests that in order for progesterone supplementation to have a positive effect on pregnancy success rates, it needs to be started right after ovulation and waiting until a positive pregnancy test is too late. I invite you to read the full articles below. Happy reading!