How an Infertile Scientist Conceived for $200

"After that 6th loss and all of the detective work she had done, she suspected her problem was a progesterone deficiency."


Amy Beckley spent the majority of her twenties in college and then graduate school, pursuing a PhD in Pharmacology. She met Jason while at the gym one morning before she headed to work at the lab. They hit it off and a couple years later were married. 

Everything was in order. Amy had finished her PhD, she and Jason both had steady jobs, and they had already bought the “too big” house with immediate plans to expand their family. They started trying…and trying…and trying. Amy and Jason were thrilled when she got pregnant about 8 months in. But tragically, just 5 weeks into the pregnancy, Amy suffered her first loss.  She would go on to suffer 4 more first trimester pregnancy losses over the next two years.

Exasperated and depressed, Amy finally got an appointment at her local fertility clinic. The doctor told her: “We can run some more tests over the next few months, but your chance of conception each month will be less than 10%…or we can jump straight to IVF, which has a 70-80% chance of success.” After suffering for close to 3 years, Amy elected to pursue the IVF path immediately: “I was desperate. I wanted a baby so badly and I didn’t want to put myself through yet more months of pain and suffering.”

After one failed IVF cycle, she and Jason tried once more, and it worked! Her beautiful son, Cash, was born 9 months later. A couple years later, when her son was well into toddlerhood, Amy and Jason decided they wanted to grow their family. But Amy just didn’t think she could handle another round of IVF. It was too physically invasive, emotionally trying and financially draining. So she decided to take a step back to learn about what her body was telling her. She started carefully tracking her menstrual cycle and working to better understand her body. During that time she experienced yet another pregnancy loss.

After that 6th loss and all of the detective work she had done, she suspected her problem was a progesterone deficiency. Empowered with this knowledge, she went to her doctor with this information. Despite his skepticism, he prescribed her a $200 progesterone supplement. She started taking the progesterone supplement. Amazingly, she conceived within a few cycles and successfully held the pregnancy to term! Amy’s “progesterone miracle”, Dylan, is now 5 and thriving. 

Amy’s infertility journey led her to create the Proov test in her very own basement: “I knew how much I had suffered and if I could help keep other women from experiencing the same pain, I wanted to try. I am a scientist, so I knew I could figure it out.” Proov enables women to confirm ovulation through a simple, at home progesterone test. All it takes is a first morning urine sample, a 5-second strip dip, a 5-minute wait, and an easy read of the lines – 1 line is positive, 2 is negative.

As Amy says, “I know there are other women out there who can be helped by knowing their progesterone levels. And if progesterone isn’t the issue, they still are one step closer to uncovering what may be causing their infertility. All women should have this information so they can advocate for themselves and have more empowered conversations with their doctors.”

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